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Apr 8, 2010 5:00pm EDT
great guests. >>> rescue crews are trying to find four missing miners in west virginia, and they sadly had to turn back today, because the air inside is too dangerous. 25 miners died monday in an explosion at the upper big branch mine. two are in the hospital. authorities admit it is not likely that the four who are missing are still alive, but they are not giving up. in fact, they hope to go back into the mine later today, and brian todd from our sister network, cnn, joins me from montcoal, west virginia, and what is the latest right now, brian? >> well, it is a big setback for the rescue effort. a few hours ago they had to pull the rescuers out of the big branch mine because of dangerous and potentially explosive levels of methane gas and hydrogen and carbon dioxide and those combined form a deadly mix. what is excruciating is that the rescuers were so close where they believe that the four unaccounted miners were located. they got within 500 feet of one of the rescue chambers where if the miners got inside of one of those, they could have had extra oxygen and sustained themselves fo
Apr 23, 2010 5:00pm EDT
calling from virginia she thinks people just need to be able to take a joke. >> i'm against all a censorship and while i happen to be very spiritual, i really think the fact people just can't laugh at themselves anymore and if you're not completely secure in your religion, then obviously you're going to have problems with things you see on tv. basically, everybody needs to start getting over themselves and start laughing at themselves. >> great point. we appreciate your call, rebecca. >> mark this down, call us at: >> donald trump's wife is a beautiful woman. she's successful. so, why in the world did he have to ask her, on live tv, if he could cheat on her? is it better to be thin than pregnant? startling comments from the trainer on tv's "the biggest loser" while she says she would never have a baby because it would ruin her body. >>> the obamas' dog upstages the first lady. >> yes, it's fun living in the white house. you can't live life without vegetables right? you've got to have vegetables. yes, you do. >> now, the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight
Apr 9, 2010 5:00pm EDT
buzz" today. she is facing brand new violent threats on her life. a man in virginia is under investigation for sending threatening e-mails about andrews and now we're getting a first look at a new e-mail that shows just how serious the threats have become. tmz obtained a message that said i would like to see if erin andrews can dance her way through a hail of gunfire. she tells us she's not going to let threats slow her down and remaining a top contender on "dancing." >>> a shocking tell-all, the star announced some of the stunning details she'll dish on in her upcoming book. she says she'll share new revelations about coming out as a lesbian and marrying ellen dejen rud dejen russ in 2008. >>> "american idol "'s astonishing drop losing slot at the top of the ratings for the second week in a row. it got rocked to second place when "dancing with the stars" brought in more viewers. the total fans that tuned into the broadcast was down 6% from the previous week and has hollywood odds makers wondering if "idol" is losing its edge. i've got to think paula abdul's dee p departure h
Apr 21, 2010 5:00pm EDT
, exactly. donna is with us, west virginia. go ahead. >> caller: i agree with the last caller, too. i think six games is a minimum he should be penalized for. we put so much pride in the steelers, not just in pennsylvania but the states around and all across the nation. >> there you go. >> caller: once you're a steeler fan, you're a fan for life. that's his -- his morals need to be reviewed. >> he needs to wise up for sure. donna, thanks for the call. ryan, i would -- listen, we'll see what happens here, but i applaud the steelers for taking that stand and for representing something. they didn't mess around with santonio holmes. they just dumped him, right? >> exactly. you know what? i've got to tell you, i'm surprised. but what this tells me is that fans care about image. they care about family. this is what people are tired of. they don't want their act lets acting up. it's not enough to play good on the field. you've got to be a good person. that's what goodell is saying. he says i want good people. you hear the fans right here. i would think they would want to stick by him no matt
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4